Title Author Year CODE
Abba: meditations based on the Lords Prayer Evelyn Underhill 1940 W
40 Day Journey Parker J Palmer 2008 W
A Gift of Hope: daily words from the silence ed: Heather Marlow 2015 W
A Little Booklet of Unknowing Jennifer Kavanagh 2015 W
Abolition of War, The Max Habicht 1987 P
According to the Scriptures C.D. Dodd 1965 BB
Acts of the Apostles: Layman's Bible Commentaries  A.C. Winn 1965 BB
Adult School Movement, The G.Currie Martin 1924 HI 
Advices & Queries  I
African Pulse Martin Jarrett-Kerr 1960 P
All About You Brother Mandus 1976 H
Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship George H. Gorman  1988 Q
American Quakers Today Ed. Edwin B. Browner 1967 Q
An Invisible Friendship Joyce Grenfell & Katherine Moore 1981 B
Anam Cara. Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World John O'Donohue 1999 W
Andrews, Charles Freer Chaturvedi & Sykes 1949 B
Animal machines Ruth Harrison 1964 E
Ann the Word: the story of Ann Lee female Messiah Richard Francis 2000 G
Apocrypha 1937 W
Approach to Quakerism (2 copies) E.B. Castle 1961 Q
Arab Voices James Zogby 2010 P
Atlas of the Christian Church eds: Henry Chadwick & G.R. Evans 1988 R
Atlas of War and Peace, The Dan Smith 2003 P
Audacity to Believe Shelia Cassidy 1978 B
Authentic Gospel of Jesus, The Geza Vermes 2004 W
Authority Jack Dominian 1976 E
Bar of Shadow, A Laurens van der Post 1954 P
Barclay in Brief Eleanore P. Mather not listed B
Barclay, the Faith of Robert J. Philip Wragge 1948 B
Barriers Down: notes on post war Germany Elizabeth F. Howard 1950 P
Battle for God Karen Armstrong 2004 W
Be Still and Know: meditation for peacemakers (2 copies) Tich Nhat Hanh 1987 P
Be Still and Know: study in the life of prayer Michael Ramsey 1982 W
Becoming Friends: Living & Learning with Quakers Group study pack 2010 Archived see librarian
Begin Again Margaret Torrie 1970 G
Beginnings of Quakerism, The William. C. Braithwaite 1923 Q
Being a Quaker: a guide for newcomers Geoffrey Durham 2011 I
Being Christian Rowan Williams 2014 U
Belief and Unbelief since 1850 (2 copies) H.G. Wood  1955 W
Bellers, John 1654 - 1725 A. Ruth Fry 1935 B
Betsy: Biography of Elizabeth Fry Jean Hatton 2005 B
Beyond Majority Rule: voteless decisions in the Religious Society of Friends Michael J Sheeran 1987 Q
Bible and the Light Within George H. Boobyer 1973 W
Bible for Today, The,  ed: John Stirling 1941 BB
Bible in Spain, The George Borrow 1842 BB
Bible Today, The C.H. Dodd 1951 BB
Bible, The: designed to be read as Literature ed: E. S. Bates not listed BB
Bible, The: its nature and inspiration Edward Grubb 1938 BB
Bible, The; the biography Karen Armstrong 2008 W
Biblical Basis of Pacifism John Ferguson not listed P
Birthplace of Quakerism Elfrida Vipont 1952 HI
Bloody Conchie…!: a conscientious objector looks back to WW2 Alex Bryan 1986 P
Bloody Hell: the price soldiers pay Dan Hallock 1999 P
Book of Meeting 2009 2009 Q
Book of Meetings 2015 Friends House 2015 Q
Book of Miracles ed: Henry J. Cadbury 2000 H
Book of Quaker Saints, A L. V. Hodgkin 1972 Q
Book of Quaker Saints, A L.V. Hodgkin 1917 HI 
Book of the Acts of God, The Wright & Fuller 1965 BB
Braithwaite, J. Bevan: a Friend of the 19th century by his children 1905 B
Brayshaw, A. Neave:memoirs & writings of A. Neave Brayshaw 1942 B
Bridge, The Elfrida Vipont 1962 W
Brief Dictionary of Quakerism, A FHSC Q
Brief History of Pacifism from Jesus to Tolstoy, A Peter Brock 1992 P
Bright, John  and the Quakers Vol 1 J Travis Mills 1935 B
Bright, John  and the Quakers Vol 2 J Travis Mills 1935 B
Bright, John: a study Margaret E. Hirst 1945 B
British Quakers, The: 1647 - 1997 Alistair Heron 1997 HI
British writing on Disarmament 1914 - 1978 Lorna Lloyd & Nicholas A. Sims 1979 P
Brockway, Fenner: Bermondsey story Fenner Brockway 1949 B
Bury me in my boots Sally Trench 1969 E
Cadbury, George: the life of A.G. Gardiner 1923 B
Cadbury, Geraldine 1865 - 1941 Maggie Goodrich 1983 B
Call of the Bellbird: a Quaker travels the world (2 copies) J. Kavanagh 2004 P
Caring Conviction Commitment: Dilemmas of Quaker membership today  Alastair Heron 1992 Q
Case for God, The Karen Armstrong 2009 W
Celebrating Quakers Work in 2013: DVD :                                 2014 Quaker Yearly Meeting BYM 2014 Q
Centuries T. Traherne 1963 W
Ceresole, Pierre: Passionate Peacemaker Daniel Anet 1974 B
Challenge of Christian Healing, The Stephen Parsons 1986 H
Challenge of Conscience Denis Hayes 1949 P
Chapels and Meeting Houses David A. Barton 1975 R
Charney Manor and Church not listed not listed Q
Children of the Light Ed. Howard H. Brinton 1938 Q
Children of the Light Rufus M. Jones 1909 W
Chocolate Wars Deborah Cadbury 2010 HI
Choosing Life: embracing spirituality in the 21st Century Joycelin Dawes 2008 U
Christian Life, The: lived experimentally. An anthology of writings Kathleen Lonsdale 1979 W
Christian Practice Yearly Meeting 1937 W
Christian Response, The Michel Quoist 1968 W
Christian Uncertainties Monica Furlong 1975 W
Christianity and Justice O.C. Quick 1940 P
Christians and the Arms Trade ed: Gerald Mahon 1976 P
Church and the Bomb, The Bishop of Salisbury 1982 P
Church Government London Yearly Meeting 1968 Q
Church Government 1931 1931 Q
Church is Healing Michael Wilson 1966 H
Citizen of the World, A: the legacy of William Penn Vera Massey 1993 B
Climate of Uncertainty: a balanced look at global warming William Stewart 2010 E
Closeness of Living, A: the spiritual journey of Louie Horne compiled by Joanna Harris 2002 H
Cloud of Unknowing ed: Betty Radice 1961 W
Code of Christ, The Gerald Heard 1943 W
Colour of Six Schools, The Pat Arrowsmith 1972 E
Coming Home Gerald Priestland 1983 I
Common Bible: Revised standard edition 1957 BB
Comparative Religion A.C. Bouquet 1967 W
Complete Concordance to the old and new Testaments Alexander Cruden 1941 BB
Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, The Geza Vermes 1998 U
Concise Bible Concordance eds: Jay J. Smith & Mary Smith 1970 BB
Confessions of St. Augustine, The ed: Ernest Rhys 1936 W
Conquest of Violence, The Bart de Ligt 1937 P
Conscience and Liberty Robert S.W. Pollard 1940 P
Consider the Blackbird: Reflections on Spirituality and Language Harvey Gillman 2007 Q
Conversations on the edge of eternity Mary Blackman 1965 W
Corder Catchpool: the story of Corder Catchpool 1883-1952 Alex Bryan 1982 B
Courage of His Convictions, The Parker & Allerton 1962 P
Courage to Grow: a collection of the writings of Ruth Fawell Ruth Fawell 1987 Q
Creation Spirituality Matthew Fox 1991 W
Creation was open to me: anthology of Friends writings ed: Anne Adams 1996 W
Creation, Spirituality, the Dreamtime Mathew Fox and others 1991 W
Creative Centre of Quakerism, The Ed. Kenneth Caroll 1965 Q
Credo Joyce Neill 1986 W
Creed of Christ, The Gerald Heard 1941 W
Creeds and the search for Unity (a Quaker view) Rex Ambler 1989 W
Crossfire: faith and doubt in an age of certainty Richard Holloway 1988 W
Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments Alexander Cruden 1942 BB
Daily Readings from Quaker Spirituality ed: Edward Sell 1987 Q
Darbys of Coalbrookdale, The Barrie  1978 B
Day Trips to Eternity: daily readings with Lionel Blue Lionel Blue 1987 W
Death is a Horizon Ruth M. Fawell 1970 H
Defence in the Nuclear Age Steven King-Hall 1958 P
Democracy and the Quaker Method F.B. and R. Pollard 1949 Q
Desert and the Market Place, The Jack Dobbs 1984 W
Development of Spiritual Healing Sufi Inayat Khan 1961 H
Diary of private prayer, A John Baillie 1943 W
Dictionary of the Bible W.R. F. Browning 1996 BB
Dilemmas. A Christian approach to moral decision making Richard Higginson 1988 W
Disarmament P.J. Noel-Baker 1927 P
Disarmament Nicholas A. Sims 1967 P
Discovery of Quakerism Harold Loukes 1960 Q
Discovery of Quakerism, The Harold Loukes 1960 I
Discretion and Valour Trevor Beeson 1974 P
Doctors Faith Holds Fast Christopher Woodard 1955 W
Doubts and Loves: what is left of Christianity Richard Holloway 2005 W
Dynamic Faith, A Rufus M. Jones 1901 W
Dynamics of an Unprogrammed Meeting for Worship Mary R. Hopkins 1999 W
Early Church, The W.H.C. Frend 1973 HI
Economic Effects of Disarmament, The Economist Intelligence Unit 1963 P
Elizabeth Fry June Rose 1994 B
Elizabeth Fry  Janet Whitney 1953 B
Elizabeth Fry (2 copies) Dennis Bardens 2004 B
Ellwood, Thomas: history of the life of ed: S. Graveson 1906 B
Emily Hobhouse A. Ruth Fry 1929 B
Encounter with Silence (3 copies) John Punshon 1987 I
Encountering the Light: a journey taken Martin Lynn 2007 I
Encounters with Mental Distress: mental health in meetings cluster Quaker Life Network 2015 H
End of Words, The Rex Ambler 1994 W
End of Words, The: issues in contemporary Quaker theology Rex Ambler 2004 Q
Endeavours to Mend: perspectives on British Quaker work in the world today ed: B Phillips with J. Lampen 2006 E
Enfolded in Love: daily readings Julian of Norwich 1980 W
Engaging with the Quaker Testimonies: a toolkit Quaker Peace & Social Witness Testimonies Committee 2007 R
English Social History: survey of 6 centuries Chaucer to Queen Victoria G.N. Trevelyan 1948 E
Enough is Enough John V. Taylor 1975 E
Enquire Within Edward Patey 1966 W
Enthronement of Love, The John Ferguson 1950 P
Essay Towards the Present and Future Peace of Europe, An William Penn 1693 P
Ethical Investment. A saver's guide: how to invest without compromise Peter Lang 1996 E
Europe in Travail John Middleton Murry 1940 P
Everyday Life in the New Testament Times C.A. Bouquet 1965 BB
Everyday Simplicity Robert J. Wicks 2000 W
Everyman's Affair: a plea for a sane place A. Ruth Fry 1941 P
Exercise of the Spirit, An: Quakers & Prayer ed:Ruth Bell & Anne Hosking 1984 W
Experience of God: a brief enquiry into the grounds of Christian conviction Herbert H. Farmer 1929 W
Exploring Silence Wendy Robinson 1974 W
Faith and Practice: the book of discipline of New York Yearly Meeting various 1974 Q
Faith Called Pacificism, The Max Plowman 1936 P
Faith in Action: Encounters with Friends 5th world conference 1992 Q
Faith in Action: Quaker social testimony (2 copies)+A222 eds: Cave & Morley 2000 E
Faith of a Quaker Humanist, The (2 copies) David Boulton 1997 U
Faith of a Quaker, The John W. Graham 1920 Q
Faith of Friendship, The Lewis MacLachlan 1942 W
Familiar friend: Commentaries from 'The Friend' David Firth 1982 Q
Far Madder: the further chronicles of a Quaker meeting Basil Donne-Smith 1977 Q
Fellowship of Silence, The ed: Cyril Hepher 1925 W
Fierce Feathers and other stories L. V. Hodgkin 1965 H
Fifty Years War, The Ahron Bregman & Jihan El-Tahri 1998 P
Finding Sanctuary: monastic steps for everyday life Christopher Jamison 2007 W
Finding the Trail of Life Rufus M. Jones 1926 W
Findings. An enquiry into Quaker religious experience (2 copies) ed: Jack H. Wallis 1993 I
First Hertford Quakers, The Violet A. Rowe 1970 Q
Five Religions in the twentieth Century W Owen Cole 1981 U
Flowers of Grass, The E. Cammaerts 1944 W
Flowers of the Inner Life Edward Grubb 1933 W
For Peace and Truth Pierre Ceresole 1954 P
Four Gospels in One Story, The Freeman Wills Crofts 1949 BB
Four Gospels, The               (trans) E.V. Rieu 1953 BB
Four Prophets J.B. Phillips 1963 BB
Four Statements of the Race Question Unesco 1969 E
Fox, George Thomas Hodgkin 1906 B
Fox, George  H.G. Wood 1912 B
Fox, George: autobiography Vol 1 ed: Rufus M. Jones 1903 B
Fox, George: autobiography Vol 11 ed: Rufus M. Jones 1903 B
Fox, George: cameos from the life of Ernest E. Taylor 1905 B
Fox, George: early years 1624 - 45 Joan Allen 1990 B
Fox, George: Journal of ed: Norman Penney 1924 B
Fox, George: Journal of ed: John Nickalls 1975 B
Fox, George: life and message 1624 - 1924 ed: Rufus M. Jones 1924 B
Fox, George: our George, the early years 1624 - 45 Joan Allen 1990 B
Fox, George: our living contemporary ed: Olive Fyfe Munro 1992 B
Fox, Margaret: of Swarthmoor Hall  Helen G. Crosfield 1913 B
Freedom Next Time John Pilger 2006 E
Friends Ambulance Unit, FAU: 1939 - 1943 experiences in Finland, Norway H. Martin Lidbetter 2000 P
Friends and Other Faiths (2 copies) Margot Tennyson 1992 I and U
Friends and Relations: three centuries of Quaker Families Verily Anderson 1980 HI 
Friends and their Children Harold Loukes 1958 Q
Friends Face Reality Harold Loukes 1954 Q
Friends find words… compiled by Anne Smith 1992 H
Friends in York: 1780 - 1860 Sheila Wright 1995 HI
Friends Meeting House Hubert Lidbetter 1961 W
Friends Meeting House, The Hubert Lidbetter 1961 HI 
From Darkness to Light Victor Gollancz 1956 W
From Friends, with love: Book 1 various 1997 U
From Friends, with love: Book 2 various various Q
Fruits of Solitude and other Writings William Penn 1915 Q
Fruits of the Spirit Evelyn Underhill 1942 W
Fry, Elizabeth June Rose 1980 B
Fry, Elizabeth John Kent 1962 B
Fry, Elizabeth Janet Whitney 1937 B
Fry's Journeys, Elizabeth: 1840 - 41 Elizabeth Gurney 1931 B
Gaia Peace Atlas, The: Survival into the third millennium ed: Frank Barnaby 1988 P
Galatians - Colossians: Layman's Bible Commentaries  A.M. Hunter 1966 BB
Gandhi, Mahatma Stanley E. Jones 1950 B
Gandhi, Mahatma Reginald Reynolds 1959 B
Gandhi, the life of Mahatma Louis Fischer 1951 B
Garden of Healing Poetry, A compiled by Anne Smith 1997 H
George Fox Vernon Noble 1969 B
George Fox and the Children of Light ed: Jonathan Fryer 1991 B
George Fox and the Quakers Cecil W. Sharman 1991 HI
George Fox and the Valiant Sixty Elfrida Vipont 1975 HI 
George Fox Journal intro by Rufus Jones 1962 B
Gift of Love, The: daily readings ed: Arthur Skevington Wood 1987 W
Gift of Years, The: growing older gracefully Joan Chittister 2008 H
Glimpses of Westminster Meeting 1655 - 1956 Doris & Douglas Lee 1983 HI
Global Responsibility: in search of a New World ethic Hans Kung 1991 E
Go M.A.D! - 500 daily ways to save the planet various 2003 E
God Calling (A Devotional Diary) ed: A. J. Russell 1973 W
God in Us. A base for Christian Humanism Anthony Freeman 1993 U
God is Silence Pierre Lacout 2008 Q
God of a hundred names Green & Gollancz 1962 W
God of Surprises Gerard W. Hughes 1985 W
God's Englishman:Oliver Cromwell and the Revolution Christopher Hill 1970 HI
God's little book of Calm Richard Daly 1999 W
Good Friends Judith Baresel 2002 HI
Good man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, The (2 copies) Philip Pullman 2010 W
Goodman House, Rayners Lane not listed not listed R
Gospel of Thomas, The  Hugh McGregor Ross 1987 W
Gospels in Modern English, The J.B. Phillips 1955 BB
Gray, Donald Victor Alexander 1945 B
Great Illusion, The Norman Angell 1913 P
Great Souls at Prayer compiled by Mary W. Tileston 1980 W
Grellet, Stephen: a missionary life Francis A. Budge 1888 B
Growing Together: Rwanda Project Elizabeth Cave not listed P
Grubb, Edward: the life of 1854 - 1939 James Dudley 1946 B
Gulielma: wife of William Penn L.V. Hodgkin 1947 B
Gwen Catchpool 1891 - 1972 FHSC 1972 B
Hammersmith Quakers Tercentenary 1677 - 1977 William Cundy 1978 Q
Harrison, Agatha: an impression by her sister Irene Harrison 1956 B
Harrow Meeting, Society of Friends 1905-1955 Friends of Harrow Meeting 1955 HI
Healing and the Spirit Martin Israel 1972 H
Healing the Wounds: Quaker relief work during WW2 Alex Bryan 1986 P
Hell and High Water: climate change, hope and the human condition Alastair McIntosh 2008 E
Hidden Tradition, The: Women's spiritual writings rediscovered ed: Lavinia Byrne 1991 G
High Way, The compiled by Elfrida Vipont 1957 W
Hiroshima John Hersey 1946 P
History of Israel, A John Bright 1964 BB
History of the life of Thomas Ellwood, The ed: S. Graveson 1906 B
Hodgkin, George Lloyd 1880 - 1918 L.Violet Hodgkin 1921 B
Hodgkin, Thomas: life & letters of Louise Creighton 1918 B
Holding Faith: creating peace in a violent world David Gee 2011 P
Holy Koran, The  A.J. Arberry 1953 U
Homosexuality from the inside David Blamires 1973 G
Honest to God John A.T. Robinson 1963 W
Horizon: prose and poetry suitable for Quaker funerals ed: Beatrice Saxon Snell 1972 W
How Came Our Faith W.A.L. Elmslie 1950 BB
How to live a low - carbon life Chris Goodall 2012 E
How to teach peace to children J. L Peachey 1981 P
Howgill, Francis: 'Gray Ridge' Will Hayes 1942 B
Hughes, Mary Rosa Hobhouse 1949 B
Hughes, Mary: friend to all in need Hugh Pyper 1985 B
Human Beings Yearning for a Faith (2 copies) Clive Sutton 2006 Q
Hyde, Douglas: 'I Believed' Rosa Hobhouse 1951 B
I and Thou Martin Buber 1942 W
I Fly Out with Bright Feathers Allegra Taylor 1987 H
I stayed in China William G. Sewell 1966 P
I was in Prison: letters from German Pastors ed: Dorothy F. Buxton 1939 P
Improvisation & Spiritual Disciplines Carol Conti-Entin 1989 W
In and Out the Silence: for adults concerning the spiritual nature of children & young people Elizabeth Brimelow 1987 Q
In Downcast Germany 1919 - 1933 Joan M. Fry 1944 P
In Fox's Footsteps: A journey through three Centuries David & Anthea Boulton 1998 HI
In Love Enclosed ed: Robert Llewelyn 1986 W
In Praise of Claridge House compiled by Joanna Harris 2001 Q
In Pursuit of Silence:listening for meaning in a world of noise George Prochnik 2010 W
In Quest of Peace various 1994 P
In Quietness - Thoughts of Silent Worship Holdsworth and Rowntree 1945 Q
In the Steps of St. Paul H.V. Morton 1937 W
In the Steps of the Master H.V. Morton 1940 W
Indomitable Friend: Corder Catchpool 1883-1952 William R. Hughes 1964 B
Inner Life, The Rufus M. Jones 1919 W
Inner Light ed: Edith Richards 1936 W
Inner Light: A devotional anthology various 1931 W
Intercession Kitty Grave not listed W
Introducing New Testament Theology A.M. Hunter 1966 BB
Introducing Quakers  George H. Gorman  1978 I
Introduction to Moral Education J. Wilson et al 1967 E
Introduction to the Bible B.M. Metzger et al 1966 BB
Introduction to the Inner Life Lumsden Barkway 1954 W
Introduction to the Life and Works of George Fox, An Christian Barclay 1989 B
Inward Traveller Carol R. Murphy 1977 W
Is Peace Possible? Kathleen Lonsdale 1957 P
Islam, teach yourself Ruqaiyyah waris Maqsood 2006 U
Islam; a short history Karen Armstrong 2005 U
Jesus in the Experience of Man T.R. Glover 1921 W
Jesus of History, The T.R. Glover 1948 W
Jesus of Nazareth Charles Gore 1929 B
Jesus, everyman's life of James Moffatt 1930 B
Jesus, life of Basil Mathews 1948 B
Joan Mary Fry Ruth Fawell 1959 B
Jones, Rufus M: 'Friend of Life' Elizabeth G. Vining 1959 B
Jordans Arthur Hayward 1969 HI 
Jordans Meeting Robert Huxter 1988 R
Joseph Rowntree Gillett - a memoir George Davies 1942 B
Journal of George Fox, The   J. Nickalls 1975 B
Journal of George Fox, The   revised by Norman Penney 1924 B
Journal of the Friends' Historical Society  Vol 57 number 2 various 1995 HI
Journal with other writings of John Woolman, The intro by Vida D. Scudder 1952 B
Journey Home Jennifer Kavanagh 2010 E
Journey into God, A Delia Smith 1988 W
Journeying the Heartlands; exploring spiritual practices of Quaker worship (2 copies) eds: Elizabeth Brown & Alec Davison 2009 W
Julian of Norwich: revelations of Divine Love ed: Clifton Wolters 1966 W
Jung and the Quaker Way Wallis 1992 Q
Justice Among Nations Horace C. Alexander 1927 P
KAGAWA William Axling 1932 P
Key to the Old Testament, A David Edwards 1978 BB
King, Martin Luther: 'What Manner of Man' Lerone Bennett 1964 B
Lady in Prison M.R. Bielby 1961 G
Language of Mystery, The Bishop John V. Taylor 1987 W
Lansbury, George: the life of Raymond Postgate 1951 B
Later Periods of Quakerism, The:  Vol 1 Rufus H. Jones 1921 Q
Later Periods of Quakerism, The:  Vol 2  Rufus H. Jones 1921 Q
Laughter in Quaker Grey ed: William Sessions 1952 Q
Learners All: Quaker experiences in education various 1986 Q
Letters and Papers from Prison Dietrich Bonhoeffer 1962 W
Letters of a Prisoner Corder Catchpool 1941 P
Letters of a Prisoner: for conscience sake T. Corder Catchpool 1972 P
Letters of Evelyn Underhill, The ed: Charles Williams 1944 W
Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood ed: Mary Strong 1965 W
Letters to Young Churches (2 copies) J.B. Phillips 1949& 58 BB
Life: application study Bible 1991 BB
Light of Christ, The Evelyn Underhill 1945 W
Light that is Shining, A:  An introduction to the Quakers (6 copies) Harvey Gillman 1988 I
Light to Walk By, The ed: Elisabeth Alley 1990 Q
Lighting Candles in the Dark various 1992 P
Lincoln, Abraham: the life of Henry B. Binns 1936 B
Listening Spirituality - vol 1 - personal spiritual practice among Friends  Patricia Loring 1997 Q
Listening Spirituality - vol 11 - corporate spiritual practice among Friends  Patricia Loring 1999 Q
Listening to God Joyce Huggett 1985 W
Lister, Lord Cuthbert Dykes 1924 B
Literary Guide to the Bible, The ed: Robert Alter & Frank Kermode 1989 BB
Living the Way. Quaker spirituality and community U.J. O'Shea 2003 Q
Living Threads: making the Quaker Tapestry Jenie Levin 1999 A
Living Water: daily readings with St. Teresa of Avila ed: Sister Mary 1985 W
Loadstone, The Reginald Reynolds 1960 W
London Friends' Meetings: reprint of the 1869 history intro by Simon Dixon & Peter Daniels 2009 HI
Long Search, The Ninian Smart 1997 U
Louisa, memoirs of a Quaker childhood ed: Evelyn Roberts 1917 B
Love Growing in Us:questioning the Quaker peace testimony John Lampen 2012 Q
Love of God, The: is anyone there? Robert Bernard Dann 2013 W
Luminous Trail, The Rufus M. Jones 1947 W
Made Free in Prison E. Williamson Mason 1918 P
Making of a Modern Quaker, The Fred Brown 1996 I
Mankind Set Free Maurice L. Rowntree 1939 P
Mary Hughes: a Friend to all in need Hugh Pyper 1985 B
Master Haunter, The David Winter 1998 W
Meaning of the Old Testament, The Hugh Martin 1946 BB
Meditation and the Fullness of Life Jim Wilson 1974 W
Meditations ed: Christina Pumfrey 2006 H
Meet We Must. A Life of Mary Penington 1623-1682 Charles Kohler 1986 B
Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis 1967 W
Message Bible, The Eugene H. Peterson 2006 BB
Mind of St. Paul, The William Barclay 1969 BB
Modern Spirituality and Anthology ed: John Garvey 1986 W
Money, Sex and Power: the challenge to the disciplined life R. Foster 1985 E
Month with Isaac Penington, A: compiled from his letters Beatrice Saxon Snell 1966 W
More Quaker Laughter W.H.Sessions 1967 Q
Morrell Family: three Generations fortunes of a Yorkshire family Anne Vernon 1966 B
My Ancestors were Quakers E. Milligan & M Thomas 1983 HI
My Country is the Whole World: womens' work on peace and war Various 1984 P
My England George Lansbury 1936 E
My Pilgrim Way Gerald Priestland 1993 Q
Myth of God Incarnate, The ed: John Hick 1977 W
Myth of the Great Secret, The: search for spiritual meaning Toby Johnson 1992 W
Naish, Christopher G: the life of Mary Pumphrey 1949 B
Naught for your comfort Trevor Huddleston 1956 P
Nayler, J: a testimony to the grace of God Dorothy Nimmo 1993 B
Nayler, James: a Quaker from Cromwell's army M.R. Brailsford 1927 B
New English Bible with Apocrypha, The 1970 BB
New English Bible, New Testament, The various 1961 BB
New Oxford Annotated Bible, The: revised standard edition 1973 BB
New Testamant Christianity J.B. Phillips 1956 BB
New Testament Basis of Pacifism, The G.H.C. MacGregor 1953 P
New Testament in Hebrew and English, The (includes CD rom) ed: Revd. Eric S. Gabe 2009 BB
New Testament in modern English translation by J.B. Phillips 1958 BB
New Testament Wordbook, A William Barclay 1959 BB
New World: the heart of the New Testament in plain English Alan T. Dale 1967 BB
No Cross, No Crown William Penn 1930 W
No more but my love: letters of George Fox ed: Cecil W. Sharman 1980 HI
No Royal Road to Reconciliation Gene Knudsen Hoffman 1995 P
No time but this present F.W.C.C. 1965 Q
No Time But This Present  B. Canter and others 1965 Q
None of these Diseases S.T. McMillen 1969 W
None Were So Clear: the ministry of Lewis Benson ed: T.H.S. Wallace 1996 Q
Nonsense on stilts: Quaker view of human rights ed: Dower, Hills & Bartlet 2008 E
Now We Are Quakers Alastair Heron 1994 I
Nuclear Illusion and Reality Solly Zuckerman 1982 P
Nuclear War: facts on our survival Peter Goodwin 1981 P
Objection Overruled: conscription and conscience in the 1st World War David Boulton 2014 P
Of One Heart, Diverse Mind: the Quaker Universalist Way Adrian Cairns 1994 U
Of the Imitation of Christ Thomas a Kempis not listed W
Old Testament for modern readers. The D.B.J. Campbell 1972 BB
Old Testament in the Light of Modern Scholarship Francis Wrigley 1944 BB
Old Testament Prophets, The E.W. Heaton 1966 BB
Old Testament Times R.K. Harrison 1971 BB
Old Testament, The: the Bible as seen today J.H. Badley 1965 BB
On being a Quaker: membership, past-present-future Alastair Heron 2000 I
On the Contary. A reflection on the Universal Light of Childhood John Hemming 1996 U
On Two Fronts T. Corder Catchpool 1971 P
On Two Fronts: letters of a conscientious objector Corder Catchpool 1940 P
One Man's Vision: the Rowntree trust various 1954 HI 
One Man's Vision: the Rowntree trust Barritt & Booth 1970 P
Only a Thought Away: a personal story of bereavement and communication beyond death Angela Howard 2010 H
Orange and Green: a Quaker study of community relations in Northern Ireland  Barritt & Booth 1972 P
Other Side of Silence, The Morton T. Kelsey 1977 W
Other Side of Silence, The: a guide to Christian mediation Morton T. Kelsey 1977 W
Our Christian Heritage Warwick Rodwell & James Bentley 1984 HI
Our Common Future: world commission on environment & development Khalid Brundtland and others 1987 E 
Our Living Heritage J & K Lawton 1999 Q
Our Quaker Heritage: early meeting houses Kenneth H. Southall not listed HI
Our Quaker Identity Alastair Heron 1999 Q
Our unemployed: can the past teach the present? Margaret R. Pitt 1982 E
Oxford Apostles G. Faber 1954 W
Oxford Bible Atlas; second edition eds: Herbert G. May & Geoffrey N.S. Hunt not listed BB
Oxford Companion to the Bible ed:Metzger & Coogan 1993 BB
Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity, The ed: John McManners 1990 HI
Pacifism and Conscientious Objection G.C. Field 1945 P
Pacifism in Time of War Carl Heath 1923 P
Pacifist Conscience, The ed: Peter Mayer 1966 P
Part of the rainbow: a plain Quaker look at lesbian, gay and bisexual lives various 2004 G
Passing Traveller, A: the life of Bernard Brett in his own words 1935 - 1982 Bernard Brett 1987 B
Path to Reconstruction. The C.E.B. Russell 1941 W
Pathways to the Reality of God Rufus M. Jones 1931 W
Patterns of Eldership and Oversight: Vol 1 of Eldership & Oversight handbook various 2008 Q
Paul the Traveller Ernie Bradford 1974 HI
Peace in the Power and the Light David Lonsdale 1988 P
Peace is the Way ed: Cyril Wright & Tony Augarde 1990 P
Peace Poems and Others James Snoddy not listed P
Peaceable Kingdom, The Jan de Hartog 1972 HI 
Peacemaking Day by Day: daily readings Thomas Merton 1990 P
Penington, Isaac: selection from the works of Henry B. Binns 1909 B
Penn, William: selections from Isaac Sharpless not listed B
People Called Quakers Doris N. Dalglish 1938 Q
People Called Quakers, The D. Elton Trueblood 1966 Q
People of Wheelbarrow Lane, The William G. Sewell 1979 P
People Who Love Peace, A Roy Walker 1946 P
People's life of Christ, A J. Paterson Smyth 1926 BB
Personalities of the Old Testament Fleming James 1939 BB
Peter Bedford Friends Educational Council 1973 HI
Pictorial Guide to the Quaker Tapestry various 1998 A
Pilgrims Progress: schools edition John Bunyan not listed W
Plain Quaker Guide to Political Action, A Christine Peaker 1991 E
Please Leave Quietly. People, Power & Purpose at Work Graham Guest 1987 E
Politics of Peace, The Gerald Bailey 1963 P
Politics of the Real World, The  Michael Jacobs 1996 E
Pool of Quiet, A Kitty Grave not listed W
Portrait in Grey: A short history of the Quakers John Punshon 1984 HI
Poverty and the Welfare State Rowntree & Lavers 1951 E
Practical Christianity Rufus M Jones 1899 Q
Practice of the Presence of God, The Brother Lawrence not listed W
Practicing Discernment Together  Fendall, Wood & Bishop 2007 W
Prayer as a Force A. Maude Royden 1922 W
Prayer of Hope of an Interfaith Man Daniel Faivre 1989 W
Preparation for Peace Adam Curle 1980 P
Preparation for Worship Thomas Green 1964 W
Prepared Heart, The: anthology Lorna Marsden 1988 Q
Priestland's Progress Gerald Priestland 1981 W
Prision Pioneer June Rose 1994 B
Private Philanthropy & Public Welfare: Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trust Woddilove 1983 E
Programme to Overcome Violence: an introduction various 1994 P
Prophet, The Kahlil Gibran 1926 W
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Swarthmore Lecture 1982: Reasonable Uncertainty Gerald Priestland 1982 S
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Swarthmore Lecture 2013: Journey into Life; inheriting the story of early Friends Gerald Hewitson 2013 S
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